Friday, August 29, 2014

The Cavallo Family Gift

     Typically, we think of gifts or talents that specific individuals have, and occasionally we see talents that are passed down from one generation to another. This appears to be the case in Book One of the Serpent's Treasure Series. In The Ancestral Key on page 42, we get to eavesdrop on a conversation between Anton Cavallo and his son, Nicolai. During this brief conversation, we get a glimpse into what appears to be a family gift. 

     Quote from page 42:
     "...How did the board meeting go in New York?"
     In a droll, bored tone, Anton Cavallo returned, "As usual. It always starts off with some idiot not agreeing with me, but by the end of the meeting, everyone seems to come around."
     Imagining the room full of contentious advisors mysteriously changing their minds, bowing to the power that is the Cavallos, he snickered, "Got them eating out of the palm of your hand again. I love it."
     "Well, that's nothing new," the voice affirmed before counseling, "And your potential, Nicolai, is far greater than mine."

     Hmm. So what exactly are Anton and Nicolai discussing, and how will Nick use this family gift? Not only in The Ancestral Key, but throughout the series of Serpent's Treasure. And one more this the only gift that Nick has?

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