Monday, September 15, 2014

Some Masu Family History. Shhh... Do not share with the Leoni's

     One reader recently requested more information about some of the family trees and relationships of characters in Serpent's Treasure series. The descendancy chart below includes some information that can be found in chapter three of Book One, The Ancestral Key, as well as some new information. Since the series will dive deeper into the main characters genealogies as we move further into the story, and because I do not wish to give too much away too soon, this is only a small glimpse into our protagonists family tree. I hope you find it both interesting and informative.

Paternal Descendancy Chart

1. Vitalis Masu married 2. Elita Venete. They had three children:
     3. Sethra Masu (F)
     4. Alessandro Vitalis Masu (M)
     5. Velia Masu (F)

4. Alessandro Vitalis Masu married 6. Phalen Juliana Sveitus. They had three children:
     7. Andrea Dacian Masu (M)
     8. Artile Valentino Masu (M)
     9. Gian Vitalis Masu (M)

9. Gian Vitalis Masu married 10. Elita Speranza Karkana
     11. Elita Juliana Masu (F)