Friday, March 1, 2013

Technology, Time, and the Greatest Struggle

     I am amazed at all the technological advances that have been made in my lifetime. As I have learned more about the Internet and the ability to link all of my websites into a "one-click" and it's everywhere scenario, I am grateful for the time period that we live in.
     What I mean is that I have been working hard to make it easier for you, the reader, to find me. You see; this has been a big concern of mine. Serpent's Treasure - The Ancestral Key is my first published work. Therefore, I am aware that people are not scurrying to the store, or online website, to grab a copy because I am, as yet, untested. I don't mind; it's a fact. So the question is: How do I help you to learn that I even have a book in the market?
     Hundreds of book titles are released each day. How do I help you see that mine is there and worth reading? I am excited to say that you can find me on my Official Website at, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, Goodreads, Google Plus, and Blogger. 
     Do you realize how time consuming this would be for one person to tackle and keep sorted, let alone keep updated posts on them? How much time would that leave me for writing? I'm in the middle of Book Two, and it would never get finished if I had to spend all of my time online.
     For a writer, that's a huge concern. The Ancestral Key is still in pre-release, and I have readers already asking when Book Two will be released. I'm working on it. I promise. It's no secret that I love to write. There is a sense of pleasure that comes with allowing imagination and creativity to collide on paper, or on my computer screen.
     I stated in my acknowledgements of The Ancestral Key that I stand in awe of anyone who published a book before computers and the Internet. I hold to that statement. Writers today have it easier in many ways. Helping you find us, is probably the greatest struggle we face. As a new author, that is how I see it.
     Therefore, technology is a great blessing, if I put myself out there. Then again, my time writing can suffer greatly, unless I realize that computer geniuses, like Juliana Matthews in The Ancestral Key, do exist in our day. Thanks to them, when I create this blog, it will post on Blogger,  Goodreads, and Google Plus instantly. Likewise, I can link Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Google Plus so when I post to one, it can potentially, post simultaneously to all. Thus my online time, in the end, can be managed thanks to technology. I will always get your posts and comments. There will be time for replies, blogs, and posts. Still, I will have time to be a wife, mother of five, and author. So Loyal Fans: Fear Not; Book Two will be published.