Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Price of Trust

     "Call it whatever you like, Mr. Cavallo, but it's still distrust. A feeling, I guarantee we mutually share." - Juliana Matthews (page 190, Serpent's Treasure - The Ancestral Key)

     Juliana is pretty certain where trust lies with regards to Nicolai. However, it is such a fine line trying to discern who she truly can trust. I cannot say that I blame her. She has been raised to fear for her life, and placing her trust in the wrong person could very well cost her that. How is she going to proceed? Who is Juliana going to trust and why? Will she pay the ultimate price for her choices?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Some Masu Family History. Shhh... Do not share with the Leoni's

     One reader recently requested more information about some of the family trees and relationships of characters in Serpent's Treasure series. The descendancy chart below includes some information that can be found in chapter three of Book One, The Ancestral Key, as well as some new information. Since the series will dive deeper into the main characters genealogies as we move further into the story, and because I do not wish to give too much away too soon, this is only a small glimpse into our protagonists family tree. I hope you find it both interesting and informative.

Paternal Descendancy Chart

1. Vitalis Masu married 2. Elita Venete. They had three children:
     3. Sethra Masu (F)
     4. Alessandro Vitalis Masu (M)
     5. Velia Masu (F)

4. Alessandro Vitalis Masu married 6. Phalen Juliana Sveitus. They had three children:
     7. Andrea Dacian Masu (M)
     8. Artile Valentino Masu (M)
     9. Gian Vitalis Masu (M)

9. Gian Vitalis Masu married 10. Elita Speranza Karkana
     11. Elita Juliana Masu (F)

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Cavallo Family Gift

     Typically, we think of gifts or talents that specific individuals have, and occasionally we see talents that are passed down from one generation to another. This appears to be the case in Book One of the Serpent's Treasure Series. In The Ancestral Key on page 42, we get to eavesdrop on a conversation between Anton Cavallo and his son, Nicolai. During this brief conversation, we get a glimpse into what appears to be a family gift. 

     Quote from page 42:
     "...How did the board meeting go in New York?"
     In a droll, bored tone, Anton Cavallo returned, "As usual. It always starts off with some idiot not agreeing with me, but by the end of the meeting, everyone seems to come around."
     Imagining the room full of contentious advisors mysteriously changing their minds, bowing to the power that is the Cavallos, he snickered, "Got them eating out of the palm of your hand again. I love it."
     "Well, that's nothing new," the voice affirmed before counseling, "And your potential, Nicolai, is far greater than mine."

     Hmm. So what exactly are Anton and Nicolai discussing, and how will Nick use this family gift? Not only in The Ancestral Key, but throughout the series of Serpent's Treasure. And one more this the only gift that Nick has?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Now I Have Two Leigh's

I thought Serpent's Treasure fans would enjoy this picture. The character Leigh was named after my 3rd great-grandfather. (In truth I just thought it was a cool name.) 

At the time of the writing of The Ancestral Key, I actually did not know much about my ancestor or what he looked like.

Since publication, I have learned that he was actually a British Army or Navy Officer (still unclear on some of the details) and I have a photo of him. He doesn't look anything like I imagined Leigh would.

I'm perfectly fine with that because Leigh Lyons is an entirely different individual. Hope you enjoy this little tidbit.